Fulfilament (School project)

  • Project: Shortfilm - 8 minutes

For a school assignment, we had to make a total audio redesign of the short film ‘Fulfilament’. Lode De Waegenaere and I have written all the music. Onne Roncken was responsible for foley and sound design, Aman Nunda has recorded and edited all the voices. All of us took part in the mixing stage. We’ve also managed to create a 5.1 surround mix. (This version is down mixed to stereo.)

For this assignment, we had to make a vertical slice of 30 seconds to illustrate our ideas for the music as well as for the sound design. This gave us and the director an immediate clear picture of how the full version was meant to turn out. The only problem with this method of working is that we kind of had to make loose ends meet. We managed and overcame this problem by reusing elements and constantly referencing where we came from. The style we chose was inspired by Pixar.

This film has only been used for our own education and portfolio.

Fulfilament (Audio Redesign)
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