Music Composition for the Media

De Staff van Sinterklaas

Dutch Children Youtube TV show De Staff van Sinterklaas anticipates the yearly celebration of Sinterklaas. In this 10-part series we follow Sinterklaas and his staff. Considering it's history, this story has adapted to fit the modern day and age of society...

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Fulfilament (School project)

For a school assignment, we had to make a total audio redesign of the short film ‘Fulfilament’. Lode De Waegenaere and I have written all the music. Onne Roncken was responsible for foley and sound design, Aman Nunda has recorded and edited...

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Lucky Luan

Lucky Luan is a Dutch Youtube TV show about the fearless and young cowboy ‘Lucky Luan’. The town is terrorized by the escaped bandits. Is Lucky Luan brave enough to catch them...

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The Archeon is an archeological open air museum located in the Netherlands. This anthological TV series takes you through different eras of history. Follow 4 different people from 4 different eras in their vlogging-style journey...

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Joy of Meeting Again

This was a school assignment. I had to compose music for this film with the audio stripped off. It was an exercise to find out what the director of the film was trying to tell. For me, it was a classic love story...

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Batman v Superman (Audio redesign)

We chose a scene of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and removed all the audio except for the dialog. We then recomposed and recreated the music and sound effects...

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